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About Ellen Hampton

Historian + Author

History tells us where we’re going and literature tells us where we’ve been. In between lies the journey, the transitory space between experience and hope, the stories I love most. I am a PhD historian, author, editor, former professor and occasional journalist, currently writing a historical fiction series based in medieval France, Castle and the Cross.


castle and the cross

A Historical Fiction Book Series


a series in PROGRESS

Behind the trappings of royal majesty and Renaissance glory, the stock of French historical tales, are the men and women of medieval power who brought France into being: landed barons with castles and militias and never-ending trouble on their hands; bishops balancing the interests of church and flock against their personal wealth; families whose losses in battle could mean the end of their noble line; peasants surviving only by wit and by stealth. No need to invent the stories, they were written by monks nearly a thousand years ago. In this series, historical figures follow the facts as we know them, with fictional motivations, conversations and deep romantic entanglements added to the mix.

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